The Veil

The Veil

Embracing his role as a top agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS), our protagonist is respected among his colleagues until he plunges the NIS into a crisis and then mysteriously disappears. A year later, he resurfaces, determined to uncover the betrayer who caused his precipitous downfall.

Year of production:
Country of origin:
South Korea
TV shows creator:
Kim Seong-yong
Episode 1

1. Episode 1

Ji-hyuk, the former top agent of NIS, returns alive but with lost memories. He starts searching for the internal traitor who betrayed him.

Episode 2

2. Episode 2

The individuals Ji-hyuk pursued a year ago resurface, causing confusion and a challenge to public authority in Korea. Ji-hyuk confronts them directly.

Episode 3

3. Episode 3

Ji-hyuk remembers that Chun-gil was the man who visited the safe house in Dandong a year ago. He seeks Chun-gil to recover his memories.

Episode 4

4. Episode 4

An unprecedented event unfolds as NIS's secret data gets hacked. Ji-hyuk begins searching for memory fragments within the hacked data.

Episode 5

5. Episode 5

The investigation into Soo-yeon uncovers new truths. Ji-hyuk faces another enemy as he strives to rescue Jay, who was kidnapped during the investigation.

Episode 6

6. Episode 6

NIS considers Ji-hyuk a suspect, leaving him unable to trust anyone. He must find the true culprit who shot Soo-yeon to prove his innocence.

Episode 7

7. Episode 7

Ji-hyuk and Jay discover the existence of a private fraternity named (상무회..) behind the assailant who shot Soo-yeon. While pursuing them, they encounter an unexpected individual.

Episode 8

8. Episode 8

Ji-hyuk identifies the person who has been providing clues about his memory. The situation overseas is on the brink of collapse, but he gets closer to unraveling the true motive of the private fraternity.

Episode 9

9. Episode 9

Using a video he left as a clue a year ago, Ji-hyuk embarks on a quest to find the traitor. Meanwhile, Jay feels betrayed by Ji-hyuk.

Episode 10

10. Episode 10

Ji-hyuk recollects his memories from the day he went missing in Shenyang. The more he uncovers the truth, the clearer his revenge target becomes.

Episode 11

11. Episode 11

Baek Mo-sa steps forward to execute his plan, and Ji-hyuk and his colleagues strive to stop him.

Episode 12

12. Episode 12

Ji-hyuk and Jay find themselves isolated, with no one to help them. They must personally put an end to Baek Mo-sa's terror.