The New Creative India

The New Creative India

The New Creative India takes you on a journey into the creative spaces and minds of India’s artists – both upcoming and established – who are redefining the boundaries in their respective fields. Presented by artist duo and brothers, Manil and Rohit, the eight part television series offers an insight to the world of contemporary Indian creatives.

Year of production:
Country of origin:
United States
TV shows creator:
Roopak Kapoor
Chapter 1

1. Chapter 1

The New Creative India takes you into the spaces, minds and works of people who push the boundaries of creativity. Manil and Rohit meet creative artists B.L.O.T., and bring us a rare glimpse into the mind of fashion genius Manish Arora.

Chapter 2

2. Chapter 2

Manil and Rohit get a sneak peek into designer Aneeth Arora’s studio. Then a candid encounter with Daku - an artist who anonymously displays art on Delhi’s streets. Later, master Sachin George Sebastian teaches us the art of origami and kirigamy.

Chapter 3

3. Chapter 3

Manil and Rohit meet the iconic photographer Tarun Khiwal, and explore the fascinating world of photography. Conceptual artist Vibha Galhotra discusses her ideas on city, citizen, displacement and identity.

Chapter 4

4. Chapter 4

Catch Manil and Rohits’s rendevouz with various contemporary artists. We meet masters of many medium and techniques, artist duo Thukral & Tagra. We then meet Gunjan Gupta who creates art by taking inspiration from the streets.

Chapter 5

5. Chapter 5

In this episode we have a tête-à-tête with exceptional artists! We meet Asim Waqif - an artist, activist and architect. We witness KLOVE's extravagant glass sculptures, then attend a gig by visual artists B.L.O.T.

Chapter 6

6. Chapter 6

In this episode Manil and Rohit meet celebrated tattoo artists Mickey & Vikas Malani. They also catch up with Farah Khan Ali and talk about her love for precious stones. In the end they explore artist Bose Krishnamachari's studio.

Chapter 7

7. Chapter 7

Manil and Rohit meet celebrity designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. They hang out with the man behind Simpoo, to learn about doodling and animation. In the end, abstract artist Shine Shivan tells us how he gets to be the subject of his own art.

Chapter 8

8. Chapter 8

We meet a designer who brings interior spaces to life - Sussanne Roshan. We explore the work of Shilpa Chavan, who creates pieces with anything big or small, worn or new. Manil and Rohit attend a special event to celebrate the series finale.