The Law Cafe

The Law Cafe

A nosy lawyer left her six-figure salary at a large law firm to open a law café near a quiet residential area. But the owner of the building just happens to be a former prosecutor who now lives jobless wearing sweats. Here at this law cafe, solely for the price of a cup of coffee, customers can talk about their problems that no shamanic ritual or depression medications can solve.

Year of production:
Country of origin:
South Korea
TV shows creator:
Lee Eun Jin
Episode 1

1. Episode 1

Pro bono lawyer Yu Ri opens law café for friendly advice. Landlord turns out to be former prosecutor and old friend Kim Jung Ho.

Episode 2

2. Episode 2

Yu Ri moves into landlord's building. Despite agreement, Jung Ho meddles in her business. First client's noise problem escalates.

Episode 3

3. Episode 3

Information session for Pureun Apartments' residents. Compensation discourages most, but few return to fight Dohan Construction. Jung Ho reluctantly helps.

Episode 4

4. Episode 4

Nurungi killed in café, Jung Ho rescues Yu Ri. Police can't find culprit. New client deals with stalker neighbor with surprising story.

Episode 5

5. Episode 5

Yu Ri confesses feelings to flustered Jung Ho. New client seeks indictment suspension revocation.

Episode 6

6. Episode 6

Dohan president wants to scout Yu Ri. Jung Ho warns him. Client with suspicious behavior caught by Eun Gang.

Episode 7

7. Episode 7

Trio confesses arson truth. Jung Ho corrects bullies' actions. Bullies kidnap Jung Ho.

Episode 8

8. Episode 8

Jung Ho avoids Yu Ri after kiss. Law Café offers services on Jungpyeong Island. Solution for dispute between two ladies.

Episode 9

9. Episode 9

Yu Ri summoned for breaking law, Jung Ho helps. Chief Prosecutor questioned about Dohan Group. Happy Mart fraud case.

Episode 10

10. Episode 10

Car accident hospitalizes Yu Ri. Jung Ho warns Pyung Woong. Yu Ri forgives Jung Ho. Jung Ho's mother moves in.

Episode 11

11. Episode 11

Plan to stop Pyun Woong. Jung Ho's mother helps. Client asks for help with mysterious message. Law Café staff aids.

Episode 12

12. Episode 12

Secret relationship between Yu Ri and Jung Ho. Stalker endangers Yu Ri. Pyun Woong warns Jung Ho.

Episode 13

13. Episode 13

Secretary confesses harassment. Jung Ho helps Yu Ri. Pyun Woong involved. Jung Ho supports both.

Episode 14

14. Episode 14

Recording exposes assemblyman's harassment. Investigation begins. Blind date leads to proposal.

Episode 15

15. Episode 15

Yu Ri rejects proposal, lacks trust. Jung Ho waits. Pyun Woong seeks revenge, kidnaps Yu Ri's mother.

Episode 16

16. Episode 16

Yu Ri changes mind, proposes to Jung Ho. Pyun Woong seeks Yu Ri as attorney. Wedding day surprises guests.