The Ghost Detective

The Ghost Detective

Lee Da Il, a private investigator, teams up with Jung Yeo Wool, his assistant, to solve a mystery connected to the death of her younger sibling. They collaborate to unravel other enigmatic crimes.

Year of production:
Country of origin:
South Korea
TV shows creator:
Lee Jae Hoon
Episode 1

1. Episode 1

Failing detectives Da Il and Sang Seob are tasked with finding a lost child, plunging them into an increasingly peculiar case.

Episode 2

2. Episode 2

Da Il suspects a teacher as the kidnapper; amidst the investigation, tragedy strikes him unexpectedly.

Episode 3

3. Episode 3

Yeo Wool, baffled by Da Il's disappearance and the peculiarities surrounding the case, persists in her search for him.

Episode 4

4. Episode 4

Seeking insight, Da Il visits Yeo Wool; their conversation reveals clues about a mysterious woman.

Episode 5

5. Episode 5

After a distressing incident at Yi Rang's former restaurant, Da Il sympathizes with Yeo Wool, warning of a woman in red.

Episode 6

6. Episode 6

Yi Rang's hearing aid inspires Da Il to investigate the woman in red further; the principal of a pre-school is the next target.

Episode 7

7. Episode 7

To hunt the woman in red, Da Il seeks Sang Seob's help, revealing a grave secret to a skeptical Sang Seob.

Episode 8

8. Episode 8

Discovering Da Il's ID tag, Sang Seob acknowledges Da Il's fate, joining him and Yeo Wool in their pursuit; a threat looms from the woman in red.

Episode 9

9. Episode 9

The woman in red threatens Da Il's loved ones, with Sang Seob becoming her next target, prompting Da Il to intervene.

Episode 10

10. Episode 10

Learning of a deceased police officer connected to Sang Seob, Da Il senses danger closing in and races against time.

Episode 11

11. Episode 11

The team races to find the elusive Sunwoo Hye at a hospital, guided by her nurse, Jeon Deok Joong.

Episode 12

12. Episode 12

Da Il and Yeo Wool consult a shaman for guidance, resulting in a dangerous adventure and critical decisions.

Episode 13

13. Episode 13

Da Il stabs Hye, triggering a series of horrific events that Yeo Wool blames on herself.

Episode 14

14. Episode 14

Accused due to her fingerprints, Yeo Wool struggles between truth and Da Il's counsel, as they gather more evidence.

Episode 15

15. Episode 15

The team strategizes as Sunwoo Hye gains mobility, while Da Il interrogates Deok Joong.

Episode 16

16. Episode 16

As Sunwoo Hye plots mass murder, Da Il revisits past information to stop her.