Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

A society where justice is missing, a phone call is okay” A private revenge act in which a veiled taxi company Rainbow Transportation and Taxi driver Kim do-gi complete revenge on behalf of an unjust victim

Year of production:
Country of origin:
South Korea
TV shows creator:
Park Joon-woo
Episode 1

1. Episode 1

In a society lacking justice, taxi driver Kim do-gi seeks revenge for unjust victims. Prosecutor Kang Ha-na suspects a missing taxi driver while investigating a corrupt employer. [Taxi Driver]

Episode 2

2. Episode 2

Do-gi infiltrates a corrupt seafood factory, escalating his revenge against Park Ju-chan's group. Prosecutor Kang Ha-na finds a burnt taxi and suspects Jo Do-cheol's disappearance.

Episode 3

3. Episode 3

Victims of school violence request Do-gi's help. He becomes a teacher but faces apathy from students. Jung Min hopes they can empathize with her.

Episode 4

4. Episode 4

Do-gi confronts Seung Tae's vicious group with his fist of justice. Seung Tae, caught buying drugs, becomes a target of Do-gi's threats. He contacts a mysterious man.

Episode 5

5. Episode 5

Do-gi struggles to join U-data's "Strategic Planning Team." President Park Yang-jin suspects his loyalty and kidnaps him. [Taxi Driver]

Episode 6

6. Episode 6

Do-gi infiltrates the illegal video-sharing base, U-data. He fights to join the "Strategic Planning Team," while President Park Yang-jin plans to kidnap him.

Episode 7

7. Episode 7

Do-gi seeks revenge by finding the distributor of Go Eun's sister's video. Prosecutor Kang Ha-na pursues Park Yang-jin with a warrant. What's his secret?

Episode 8

8. Episode 8

With Go-eun's help, Do-gi arrives at Park Yang-jin's villa and tracks down the mine's location. Kang Ha-na joins the rescue mission. U-data's kingdom shakes.

Episode 9

9. Episode 9

During the U-data investigation, Kang Ha-na finds Do-gi's ID and suspects foul play. Meanwhile, manager Choi falls victim to voice phishing, and Manager Park gets involved.

Episode 10

10. Episode 10

Do-gi disguises himself as Mr. Wang to confront the boss of a voice phishing organization. Kang Ha-na approaches him for assistance.

Episode 11

11. Episode 11

Kang Ha-na plans to search Boss Jang's house while Do-gi uncovers a murder suspect linked to Mother's subordinate.

Episode 12

12. Episode 12

Kang Ha-na apprehends the murder suspect but lacks evidence, so she releases him. Do-gi follows the suspect to prevent more victims.

Episode 13

13. Episode 13

Do-gi captures the suspect while searching for missing prisoners. Kang Ha-na wants him handed over to the prosecution, but Do-gi plans a trade. Mother seeks revenge.

Episode 14

14. Episode 14

Mother, secretary Koo, and prisoners attack Rainbow Transportation. Park Joo-chan targets Manager Park, while Choi Min kidnaps Go-eun. Do-gi seeks revenge.

Episode 15

15. Episode 15

Do-gi and Boss Jang decide to disband the taxi driver's team and expose the group's secrets to Prosecutor Kang. However, Do-gi's mother's real murderer resurfaces.

Episode 16

16. Episode 16

Serial killer Oh Chul Young is revealed as Do-gi's mother's murderer. Kim Chul Jin, wrongly imprisoned for Oh Chul Young's crimes, is involved. They plan their final revenge.