Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India

Watch budding entrepreneurs present their potential money-making ideas to a panel of India's business titans in the first season of the business reality show.

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Nishant Nayak
Badlegi Business Ki Tasveer

1. Badlegi Business Ki Tasveer

BluePine Foods, led by Aditi Madan, Booz Scooters led by Rutvij Dasadia and Heart Up My Sleeves led by Riya Khattar, pitch their ideas to the sharks to invest in their businesses. Who will the sharks choose, and what will their offer price be?

Insaan, Ideas Aur Sapne

2. Insaan, Ideas Aur Sapne

Urban Gen Z healthy snack brand, Tagz, a scientific magic, mid brain optimisation brand, Head and Heart or a brand that empowers farmers through tourism, Agri Tourism, which pitch will impress the sharks?

Aam Aadmi Ke Business Ideas

3. Aam Aadmi Ke Business Ideas

Rubal and Srishti led qZense Labs , Siddhant led Peeschute, or Siddhart and Vinay led NOCD, which pitch is going to impress the sharks?

Entrepreneurship Ki Wave

4. Entrepreneurship Ki Wave

A brand that talks about intelligent cosmetics, a chemical-free pickle brand or an exciting micro modal made underwear brand, which pitch will excite the sharks and make them invest in their business?

Hunt For Interesting Businesses

5. Hunt For Interesting Businesses

An electric modular utility platform, a concept restaurant of Maggi or a belly button shaper. Which product will the sharks bet on?

New Week, New Ideas

6. New Week, New Ideas

Ravi and Anuja led Skippi Ice pops, Tuhin and Aditi led Menstrupedia or Deepthi led Hecoll. Which mind-bending idea will grab the sharks attention?

A Never Give Up Spirit

7. A Never Give Up Spirit

An app that teaches parents how to develop their childs personality, a vibration sensing device that helps the visually impaired or a pre-packed gourmet kheer in nine flavours. Which business idea will the sharks invest in?

Shark Ko Impress Karne Waale Ideas

8. Shark Ko Impress Karne Waale Ideas

Manas led Beyond Snack, Duvvuru and Vimal led Vivalyf Innovations or Kartikeya, Anantraj, Shivrajsinh, Deepenbhai led Motion Breeze. Which pitcher will bag the sharks investment and which one will go home without funding?

Defining Innovations

9. Defining Innovations

Team Altors smart helmet to prevent road accidents, Ariros safe and purposeful wooden toys or Kabira Handmads ultramodern food essentials. Which business idea will stand out in front of the sharks?

Passion About Entrepreneurship

10. Passion About Entrepreneurship

Male intimate hygiene brand Nuutjob, a direct farm to home poultry brand Meatyour, an educational community app EventBeep. Will the sharks give the entrepreneurs their desired deal?

Investment Paane Ka Sapna

11. Investment Paane Ka Sapna

A revolutionary ice cream brand, environment-friendly surface textures and a streetwear clothing brand. Which pitch will make the sharks invest in the business?

Ek Idea Aur Uske Do Sides

12. Ek Idea Aur Uske Do Sides

An Ayurvedic based cosmetic brand, Auli, a traditional sweets and snacks brand, SweeDesi and a metaverse app, Loka. Which business idea will the sharks bet on?

Ideas By Young Entrepreneurs

13. Ideas By Young Entrepreneurs

A self-learning braille literacy device by Thinkerbell Labs, a smart food grade board by Carragreen and a b2b marketplace by The Yarn Bazaar. Which business idea will impress the sharks and compel them for an investment?

Naye Aur Nayab Pitchers

14. Naye Aur Nayab Pitchers

Shashank Modhias The Renal Project, the Shah familys Kamdhenu Foods and Purva Aggarwals Good Good Piggy. Which pitcher will take home the investment of the sharks?

It's Time To Change

15. It's Time To Change

A smart tech company, Hammer, artificial learning, robot making company, PNT Robotics and Automation Solutions and a company of coconuts, Cocofit. Which business idea has the power to impress the sharks for an investment?

Winning The Shark's Trust

16. Winning The Shark's Trust

Bamboo toothbrushes that aim to change the world, a pet grooming brand, a naturally extracted water enhancer that makes the water nutritious, and a healthy snack brand for the Indian household. Will the pitchers manage to impress the sharks with their unique business ideas?

A Wave Of Startups

17. A Wave Of Startups

Find Your Kicks Indias attempt to build the sneakerhead culture, AAS Vidyalayas initiative to make India a 100% literate country, Outboxs surprise planning ideas and RoadBounces solution for judging road conditions. Will these initiatives and ideas complement the sharks vision?

Investing In Profitable Businesses

18. Investing In Profitable Businesses

Kanoi familys Mommys Kitchen, Jayanti Bhattacharyas India Hemp and Co, Kshitij and Kanavs Otua and Shruthi Reddys Anthyesti Funeral Services. Which pitchers will take home their desired investment?

Forming An Idea And Bagging A Deal

19. Forming An Idea And Bagging A Deal

A premium non-leather brand, a health monitoring device for cows, a personalised diet plan app and an LPG safety lock. Which idea will correlate with the sharks?

A Variety Of Ideas

20. A Variety Of Ideas

The State Plates regional food delivery website, Bakarmaxs webcomic and animation platform and In A Cans ready to drink canned cocktail. Which idea will impress the sharks?

Game-changing Ideas

21. Game-changing Ideas

A guilt-free ice cream brand, a daily use equipment brand and a lifestyle apparel brand. Which business will the sharks bestow their confidence in?

Turning Ideas Into Businesses

22. Turning Ideas Into Businesses

Hair Originals natural human hair extension, Moonshines oldest alcohol, Poo De Colognes pre toilet spray and Falharis fruitful habit. Which startup will bag the sharks deal?

Investing In Innovation

23. Investing In Innovation

An Ayurvedic brand in preventive healthcare, a streetwear brand, a bike riding gear brand and a bag selling brand. Which idea will convince the sharks?

A Decade Of Indian Entrepreneurship

24. A Decade Of Indian Entrepreneurship

The Sass Bars concept gifting products, K G Agrotechs equipments to help the farmers and Nuskha Kitchens homemade recipes for new mothers. Will the pitchers make their dreams come true?

An Ocean Of Opportunities

25. An Ocean Of Opportunities

An online marketplace for all your pet needs, a pocketable ECG device, and an all-natural peanut butter brand based In India. Which businesses will make their way onto the sharks portfolio?

Revolutionary Ideas

26. Revolutionary Ideas

Isaks artisanal fragrances, Julaa Automations baby cradle and Rare Planets handcrafted products. Which business idea will convince the sharks to make an investment?

Investing In The Future Of India

27. Investing In The Future Of India

A new generation cafe chain, a compact ergonomic ventilation system for PPE kits, a home automation solution and an insurance problem-solving brand. Will the sharks make an offer to these pitchers?

Meeting The New Indian Minds

28. Meeting The New Indian Minds

A one-stop solution to chemical-free food, a middle-eastern dessert, and an anti-suicide fan rod. Which idea will win the sharks trust and investment?

Businesses Of Tomorrow

29. Businesses Of Tomorrow

Wakao foods mock-meat, PDD Falcons eco-friendly boxes and PlayboxTVs one-stop entertainment. Which idea will the sharks go with?

Sharks Ki Expertise

30. Sharks Ki Expertise

A sterilized glass mask, a platform to bring kabaddi to every screen, a flower gifting brand and a scholarship providing app. Will the sharks invest in these businesses?

Entrepreneurship Ki Raah

31. Entrepreneurship Ki Raah

Scrapshalas attempt to upcycle, Sabjikothis smart vegetable cart, AyuRythms attempt to spread the ayurvedic knowledge holistically and Astrixs smart door locks. Which pitcher will bag the deal from the sharks?

The Road To Success

32. The Road To Success

An all in one marriage proposal solution, a new age advertising agency, a fitness rewards app, and a portable ophthalmic device. Which innovative idea will win the sharks over?

Life-Changing Ideas

33. Life-Changing Ideas

A customizable footwear brand that aims to solve the problem of flat feet, a fermented food and beverage company, a smart wearable brand geared towards athletes, and a company that will usher in the age of virtual teleportation. Which business will walk away with the sharks investment?

Scaling Ambitions

34. Scaling Ambitions

A food brand that brings a desi twist to bacon-based products, a brand that offers reversible and convertible clothing, a 100% plant-based protein powder brand, and a new 2-in-1 product for all your cooking needs. Which idea will bag the investment in Shark Tank Indias Final Week?