Prisha finds herself falling in love with Saveer. Saveer lost the love of his life, Ishanvi, on his birthday. Prisha's love knows no bounds, but Saveer explains to her that "forever" is a lie. Will this stop young Prisha from falling in love with him even further? Or will she accept her destiny and leave Saveer alone?

English [CC]
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Glen Barretto
Forever Is A Lie

1. Forever Is A Lie

The story is about Saveer Rathod, who is head over heels in love with Ishanvi. On the day of his birthday, Saveer asks Ishanvi not to give him any surprises. However, fate has other plans and Saveer receives the shock of his life when he finds out that Ishanvi has been killed.

Middle Finger

2. Middle Finger

Prisha is upset after her conversation with Rishi. She packs her bags with all the gifts and decides to change her college course. Her mother supports her in the decision.

Blind Date

3. Blind Date

Saveer is worried about the footage in the pen drive. On the other hand, the group of friends return from Mahabaleshwar and Prisha is in a bad mood. She tells everyone about the entry of a new villain in her life.

Thank You

4. Thank You

Prisha wakes up in the morning only to find herself in a hospital bed. She gets flashes of the events that transpired the previous night. She looks for her friends who are also admitted to the same hospital.

Suicide Attempt

5. Suicide Attempt

Saveer is getting ready and finds his pen drive again. He plays the footage to find himself doing strange things; he tries to recreate the scenes in the footage and wonders why he would do such things.

Unconditional Love

6. Unconditional Love

Saveer is surprised to find that Prisha has turned out to be his blind date. While on one hand, Prisha seems to be falling in love with Saveer, he is getting annoyed with her childish acts on the other. Prisha believes in the idea of forever love while Saveer is someone who is tired of it and has no belief left in love.


7. Destiny

Everyone in the office is aware of what went down with Saveer and Prisha on their date. Anu jokes about how a 19-year-old was capable of putting Saveer in a tough spot. Meanwhile, they are all introduced to the Rooh Publications before heading to the movies.


8. Dream

Saveer is deeply concerned about his grandmother and is discussing her health with a doctor. On the other hand, he needs to deal with some new interns in the office but because he is preoccupied with his thoughts, he asks Anu to go ahead and do that instead.


9. Roohaniyat

Saveer is having multiple thoughts about his life while he visits his grandfather's grave. He is looking for answers that are not just difficult but nearly impossible to find.

New Beginnings

10. New Beginnings

Prisha is admiring Saveer as he enters the office. Saveer spots her and starts to walk in her direction but Anu interrupts him.

Girlfriend Killer

11. Girlfriend Killer

Prisha and Gouri talk about Saveer while having breakfast. Later, Rishi comes to meet Prisha and they have an argument. Prisha warns Rishi to stay away from her and Saveer watches the scene from a distance.

Who The Hell Is Prisha

12. Who The Hell Is Prisha

Saveer is in his room, thinking about his conversation with Prisha. Anu enters Saveer's room, meanwhile, Prisha looks up Saveer's murder case. Saveer is drunk and taking advantage of the fact, Anu makes a move on him.


13. Departure

Prisha is upset and stands by the pool. Her leg slips somehow and she falls into the pool. However, Saveer arrives at the last minute and saves her. The next day, Prisha wakes up with a hangover, and Gouri and Diggy make fun of her.