A crime series with a hip-hop flavor, this violent and slick series is executive produced by Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, and is heavily influenced by a rich history of mob tales.

Year of production:
Country of origin:
United States
TV shows creator:
Courtney Kemp Agboh
Not Exactly How We Planned

1. Not Exactly How We Planned

It's opening night of James 'Ghost' St. Patrick's nightclub, Truth. He hopes that it will be Manhattan's hottest club, which might be possible if it wasn't for his first successful business venture, as one of New York's biggest substance distributors.

Whoever He Is

2. Whoever He Is

Tommy, Ghost's business partner since childhood, cleans up the mess from the hit on one of their runners, while Ghost figures out how they should respond to the unknown assailant and trying to stabilize his rocky empire.

This Is Real

3. This Is Real

A model almost dies at Truth, jeopardizing the club's future and forcing Ghost to take matters into his own hands. Ghost is reminded that his decision to pursue his high school sweetheart – and his dream of a legit life – could put his family in danger.

Who Are You?

4. Who Are You?

Angela schedules surveillance of a meeting between Ghost and Tommy and some gang leaders. Ghost reveals the truth to Angela. The assailant returns.

I Gotta Go

5. I Gotta Go

Tasha grows more and more concerned about Ghost's attitude, so she decides to get more involved with business at the club. Ghost and Angela's relations heat up, whilst Tommy is attracted to someone at the club.

Who You With?

6. Who You With?

Ghost learns that Ruiz may suspect who were behind the attempt on his life. Angela wires a member of Tommy's gang as he makes peace with Ruiz. Ghost forgets Tasha's birthday, as he and Angela realize the wider effect that their relationship may have.


7. Loyalty

Tasha and Angela finally meet up. Ghost is horrified when he discovers a friend may be responsible for the hits. Angela tries to stop a upcoming hit. Ghost and Angela deal with the emotional difficulty of their relationship.

Best Laid Plans

8. Best Laid Plans

Ghost makes plans to hold a huge party at Truth hoping to be able to leave New York. Angela is distracted by her relations with Ghost, facing disastrous consequences in her job as a result.