Pawan and Pooja

Pawan and Pooja

This relationship drama explores the lives of three couples. All coincidentally named Pawan and Pooja who at different stages of their lives discover that their love is indeed conditional, breakable and questionable.

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Ajay Bhuyan
Meet the Couples

1. Meet the Couples

Pawan & Pooja starts with the introduction of three couples: Pawan Kalra and Pooja Kalra, a middle-class couple in their 60s, Pawan Mehra and Pooja Mehra, a Bollywood-connected couple in their 40s, and Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari, a couple in their 20s.

No More Regrets

2. No More Regrets

Pawan Kalra is dealt with the shocking news of his best friend's sudden death, forcing him to reflect about his own life.


3. Attached

After Pawan Mehra and his wife Pooja, are called to the school for a PTA meeting, they end up facing embarrassment and Pooja Mehra lashes out at her husband.

Who Do You Love

4. Who Do You Love

The Kalras are busy checking their No Regrets list and one of Pooja's things comes up on the list. The Mehras set out to look for the thing they feel is missing from their married life.

What's Your Secret?

5. What's Your Secret?

While Pooja Kalra takes an instant shining to the young manager Mehak, she gets a huge shock after a secret about Mehak is revealed.

Unhappy Anniversary

6. Unhappy Anniversary

Neerja learns about Pooja Kalra's confrontation with Mehak. She warns Pooja not to engage with Mehak. Pawan Mehra is shocked to see that someone he knows has been exposed in public for engaging in an extramarital affair.

The Heartbreakers

7. The Heartbreakers

Pawan Kalra pulls a prank on his wife Pooja. The Mehras get into a nasty argument at home. Pawan Srivastav has to deal with a difficult situation.

Once A Cheater

8. Once A Cheater

Pooja Kalra is uncomfortable with the presence of Mehak in her house, Pawan's behavior towards Mehak bothers her more. Pawan Mehra asks his wife, Pooja to give their relationship a second chance.

A Last Chance

9. A Last Chance

Mehak finally leaves the Kalras and moves out. Meanwhile, Pawan Mehra's father asks Pooja to give her marriage one more chance and reconcile with Pawan.

When Love Hearts

10. When Love Hearts

Mehak and Raj set out to look for missing Pawan Kalra. Pooja Mehra finally decides to meet Pawan Mehra to confront him.