Meow, The Secret Boy

Meow, The Secret Boy

After leaving without a word, So-lah’s ex-boyfriend returns one day, holding a cat. ‘I only promised to look after it for a little while…’ Sol-ah feels bad for the cat and eventually decides to keep it, naming it Hong-jo. However, Hongjo has an incredible secret. He turns himself into a human! As Hong-jo and Sol-ah live together, an exciting romance starts to blossom. Can Hong-jo hide his true identity, and can the two continue to love?

Year of production:
Country of origin:
South Korea
TV shows creator:
Ji Byung Hun
Episode 1

1. Episode 1

Sol Ah develops feelings for Jae Seon, but he suddenly disappears. It turns out he broke up with a rich girlfriend and left behind a cat due to his allergy. Sol Ah ends up taking the cat home.

Episode 2

2. Episode 2

Hong Jo saves Sol Ah's father when he faints, preventing a potential disaster. Sol Ah learns about her father's illness and meets his fiancée. As she moves into a new house alone, she finds comfort in Hong Jo's presence, despite her dislike for cats.

Episode 3

3. Episode 3

Sol Ah moves to a new place and becomes Jae Seon's neighbor, her first love. It's her first time living alone, evoking mixed emotions.

Episode 4

4. Episode 4

Sol Ah resumes drawing webtoons while Hong Jo leads a double life. He saves her, but something seems off about their new house. Is someone else living there?

Episode 5

5. Episode 5

Sol Ah mistakes Guk Bong for Hong Jo, leading to misunderstandings. Doo Sik and Jae Seon warn Hong Jo, who is nowhere to be found. Sol Ah confronts Jae Seon, but he only apologizes.

Episode 6

6. Episode 6

Doo Sik gives a coupon to Ji Eun, who visits Sonamu. Sol Ah and Doo Sik realize Ji Eun was in their art club. Sol Ah asks Jae Seon to stop confusing her.

Episode 7

7. Episode 7

Sol Ah goes on a blind date to move on from Jae Seon but finds out Doo Sik set her up with Guk Bong. They have fun, but Jae Seon reveals he found someone for Hong Jo.

Episode 8

8. Episode 8

Sol Ah and Hong Jo feel conflicted as she decides to part ways with him. Hong Jo disappears, and Sol Ah searches for him all night.

Episode 9

9. Episode 9

Hong Jo confesses his feelings to Sol Ah, leading to a misunderstanding with Jae Seon. Guk Bong returns, and Sol Ah thinks Hong Jo has a girlfriend.

Episode 10

10. Episode 10

Sol Ah believes Hong Jo is dating Ji Eun. Jae Seon apologizes, but Sol Ah doesn't accept it. Sol Ah and Ji Eun become friends and have a drink. Sol Ah encounters Guk Bong.

Episode 11

11. Episode 11

Ji Eun reveals her feelings for Doo Sik to Sol Ah. Doo Sik, unaware of Ji Eun's interest, tries to win her over.

Episode 12

12. Episode 12

Jae Seon discovers Guk Bong is actually Hong Jo. Hong Jo asks him to keep it a secret. In exchange, Hong Jo starts working at Jae Seon's café.