Karachi Division

Karachi Division

Based on the underworld of Karachi, this series follows the story of two adversaries dominating the city. Coupled with doing RAW’s dirty work, Tariq reigns over the entirety of Police force within the confines of the area. Saleem tries to compete with Tariq in his own aggressive ways.

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Shamoon Abbasi
Meet Tariq Mirza

1. Meet Tariq Mirza

Tariq Mirza’s goons are caught fleeing by the police. Officer Jamshed is suspicious of the recent events and wants to reach the root of the affairs.

The Foreign Enemy

2. The Foreign Enemy

Saleem rejoices the betrayal of Tariq’s men, while Tariq has bigger fish to fry. Zakir Mamu has a killer plan, which gives Lallan a chance to prove himself.

The Strange Cop

3. The Strange Cop

Police forces jump into heated crime wars in Karachi. ASP Farhat and SSP Mumtaz have significant roles to offer in this state of play.

Burn Karachi Burn

4. Burn Karachi Burn

Sarah strives to reach the source of gang wars in Karachi after the death of a fellow journalist. A grieving Saleem orders further disruption in the city.

The Deal

5. The Deal

The great Tariq Mirza pays a visit to two-bit Saleem Gutka to lock up a deal, while SSP Mumtaz manages to take rapid action against the goons without mercy.

The Big Loss

6. The Big Loss

Officer Jamshed and Sarah move closer to the source, they find SSP Mumtaz in an unwarranted situation. Tariq is in for a surprise and Zakir Mamu takes the shots.