Hunter Tootega Nahi, Todega

Hunter Tootega Nahi, Todega

While ACP Vikram tries to deal with his personal woes, he becomes a murder suspect. He then joins hands with Divya and sets out to prove his innocence

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Alok Batra
Rang Barse

1. Rang Barse

ACP Vikram hunts down people who have gone missing. But when he is asked to track down a certain Leena Thomas, and she ends up dead, Vikram becomes the suspect.

Pehle Shararat Kisne Ki?

2. Pehle Shararat Kisne Ki?

Vikram tracks down Divya, a journalist, who was doing an expose on Leena Thomas. When they get attacked by a sniper, Vikram chases the shooter.

Mere Sapno Ki Rani

3. Mere Sapno Ki Rani

Vikram's ex-wife Swati asks him to stay out of her life. Sajid discovers that Leena Thomas had undergone an unlisted organ transplant surgery.

Duniya Ne Humko Diya Kya?

4. Duniya Ne Humko Diya Kya?

Enraged by her deception, Vikram tortures Ankita by waterboarding her. Hooda, who is still hot on Vikram's heels, arrives at the scene and captures Vikram.

Duniya Se Humne Liya Kya?

5. Duniya Se Humne Liya Kya?

Vikram has a short window to reclaim his kidney from David while an assassin reaches his old house to kill Swati.

Awaara Hoon

6. Awaara Hoon

David makes a revelation about Hooda. Divya informs Vikram that she has been captured by Hooda. Vikram finds a dead body with a severed head.

Ye Kahani Kahan Se Sunaoon?

7. Ye Kahani Kahan Se Sunaoon?

Vikram is alive but his troubles are far from over. He escapes and meets Swati; it's time to face some truths. Sid and Pallavi decide to help Vikram.

Marna Isi Ka Naam Hai

8. Marna Isi Ka Naam Hai

The mastermind of the organ trafficking racket is unveiled. Pallavi finds a bid for a little girl's organs on the dark web.