HER portrays the lives of women from all spheres of Asian societies, featuring protagonists from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Listen to these women give their perspectives on universal, existential and crucial topics. What challenges do women scientists face, what stories do female politicians have to tell, and what impact do migration and poverty have on women? Find out on HER – Women in Asia.

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Manuela Kasper-Claridge
Finding Mr. Right

1. Finding Mr. Right

Dating is only a recent phenomenon in India, but now dating apps are flourishing. What role does the generation gap play in countries like Indonesia or Taiwan?

Stepping Up

2. Stepping Up

Many women across Asia lack access to basic education. How can they secure their income and succeed in male dominated professions?

The Meaning of Marriage

3. The Meaning of Marriage

The equation that marriage makes us happy and divorce is a failure still prevails in many societies. Is marriage really the key to happiness?

My Own Kind of Beauty

4. My Own Kind of Beauty

Images of ideal beauty surround us daily. From beauty contests to cosmetic surgery, magazines and TV shows, the obsession with women’s beauty is ubiquitous.

Out of the Void

5. Out of the Void

Mental health and addiction problems are not talked about in many Asian countries. Three women share how they found their way out of the void.

Body and Mind

6. Body and Mind

Asia offers traditions dating back thousands of years, such as yoga or traditional Chinese medicine, helping women towards happiness, through health and nutrition.