Dream Of The Emperor

Dream Of The Emperor

King Taejong Muyeol unifies Korea's Three Kingdoms into one nation, overcoming political power struggles, betrayal, love, and war. His unwavering determination is focused on creating a lasting legacy for his people and kingdom.

Year of production:
Country of origin:
South Korea
TV shows creator:
Shin Chang-seok
Episode 1

1. Episode 1

Yushin faces rejection in Seorabeol, while Chunchu is targeted by Empress Dowager Sado.

Episode 2

2. Episode 2

Yushin seeks help from Bihyeong-rang, and Empress Dowager Sado pushes for a national marriage.

Episode 3

3. Episode 3

Yongchun tries to save Chunchu, while Baekje attacks Silla's fortress.

Episode 4

4. Episode 4

King Galmun's delay angers Yongchun, leading to conflict with his son Chunchu.

Episode 5

5. Episode 5

Yushin is falsely accused, King Mu sends Gildal, and a banquet is held in Seorabeol.

Episode 6

6. Episode 6

King Jinpyeong suspects Bihyeong-rang, and Yushin vows to meet his heavenly maiden.

Episode 7

7. Episode 7

Empress Dowager Sado tortures Chunchu, causing trouble for King Jinpyeong.

Episode 8

8. Episode 8

Yushin suppresses protests, leading to turmoil and an attempt on his life.

Episode 9

9. Episode 9

Chunchu returns and reunites with Yushin. Deokman proposes hiring Chunchu.

Episode 10

10. Episode 10

Chunchu and Yushin clash over Hwarang-do's wealth.

Episode 11

11. Episode 11

Moon-hee spends the night with Chunchu. Seungman orders Munhee as a concubine.

Episode 12

12. Episode 12

Chunchu confesses his love for Munhee, causing turmoil. King Jinpyeong collapses.

Episode 13

13. Episode 13

Chunchu is imprisoned, and Yushin faces a difficult decision.

Episode 14

14. Episode 14

Myorang escapes, Bidam rebels, and Silla faces a national crisis.

Episode 15

15. Episode 15

Deokman and Chunchu form an alliance with Baekje.

Episode 16

16. Episode 16

Deokman stops sending reinforcements, Bidam opposes peace, and conflict arises.

Episode 17

17. Episode 17

Juno targets Beom-min, and Dukan collects losses. The struggle intensifies.

Episode 18

18. Episode 18

Chunchu investigates and faces false accusations.

Episode 19

19. Episode 19

Chunchu presents evidence, leading to Syngman's downfall and revenge against Silla.

Episode 20

20. Episode 20

Deokman manipulates King Jinpyeong, and Chunchu returns with a plan.

Episode 21

21. Episode 21

Chil-suk and Seok-pum arrest families, and Deokman infiltrates the palace.

Episode 22

22. Episode 22

Silla court divides, Chunchu fights soldiers, and Seungman kills hostages.

Episode 23

23. Episode 23

Chunchu is attacked, Kim Seohyeon dies, and Goguryeo rebels.

Episode 24

24. Episode 24

Deokman cedes regency, and Chunchu searches for the culprit.

Episode 25

25. Episode 25

Bidam returns with King Jinpyeong, Chunchu borrows Bidam's soldiers, and rebels are suppressed.

Episode 26

26. Episode 26

Bidam's soldiers rescue Chunchu, and they plan to suppress Seungman's rebellion.

Episode 27

27. Episode 27

Chunchu asks Bihyeongrang for help, Bidam plots coronation, and Deokman orders an advance.

Episode 28

28. Episode 28

Bidam dies, rebels are killed, and the court faces confusion over Wonja's lineage.

Episode 29

29. Episode 29

Bidam proposes crowning Deokman, and Deokman ascends the throne.

Episode 30

30. Episode 30

King Seondeok faces Baekje's demands, and Bidam slaughters envoys.

Episode 31

31. Episode 31

Baekje army attacks, and Deokman sends an envoy for peace.

Episode 32

32. Episode 32

Yushin suspects Bidam, and Deokman declares an end to peace.

Episode 33

33. Episode 33

Deokman faces danger, and Beop-Min discovers Yeon-hwa's true allegiance.

Episode 34

34. Episode 34

Silla army defeats Baekje, and Yeon-hwa angers Bidam.

Episode 35

35. Episode 35

Beop-min learns of the Baekje attack, and Silla court is divided.

Episode 36

36. Episode 36

Beop-min seeks Yushin's support, and Chunchu seeks peace.

Episode 37

37. Episode 37

Daeyaseong is attacked, and Chunchu visits Goguryeo.

Episode 38

38. Episode 38

Chunchu faces assassination attempts, and Yushin intervenes.

Episode 39

39. Episode 39

Chunchu is saved, and peace is brokered with Goguryeo.

Episode 40

40. Episode 40

Chunchu rejects Bidam, and Tang Dynasty requests Silla's help.

Episode 41

41. Episode 41

Chunchu seeks refuge, and Baekje and Bidam target him.

Episode 42

42. Episode 42

Chunchu is trapped, and the giant pagoda faces opposition.

Episode 43

43. Episode 43

Chunchu cannot leave, and King Seondeok summons Yushin.

Episode 44

44. Episode 44

King Seondeok confronts Bidam, who rebels.

Episode 45

45. Episode 45

Chunchu is taken to Baekje, and Bidam attacks Seorabeol.

Episode 46

46. Episode 46

Chunchu plans against Bidam, and Yeon-hwa faces a difficult order.

Episode 47

47. Episode 47

Bidam prepares for an ambitious move, and Chunchu and Yushin fight against public sentiment.

Episode 48

48. Episode 48

King Jindeok deals with Bidam's rebellion, and Bidam targets Chunchu.

Episode 49

49. Episode 49

Bidam tries to defect, and Chunchu and Yushin pursue him.

Episode 50

50. Episode 50

Chunchu seeks peace with Tang Dynasty, causing conflict.

Episode 51

51. Episode 51

Chunchu investigates assassination attempts, causing conflict.

Episode 52

52. Episode 52

Kim Yu-shin breaks ties with Chunchu, and Alcheon becomes regent.

Episode 53

53. Episode 53

Court factions clash, and rebellion is planned.

Episode 54

54. Episode 54

Silla and Tang ally against Baekje, and war ensues.

Episode 55

55. Episode 55

Beop-min attacks Gyebaek, revealing Sojeongbang's ambition.

Episode 56

56. Episode 56

Yushin defeats Gyebaek, and Kim Yushin formulates a plan.

Episode 57

57. Episode 57

Yushin halts his advance, and Gwanchang and Hwarang prepare for battle.

Episode 58

58. Episode 58

Silla army defeats Baekje, and Sojeongbang grows wary.

Episode 59

59. Episode 59

Silla army triumphs over Baekje, and Tang Dynasty questions Silla's spirit.

Episode 60

60. Episode 60

King Muyeol faces unrest, and Tang soldiers plunder Baekje.

Episode 61

61. Episode 61

King Muyeol clashes with Kim Yu-shin, and Tang Dynasty plans conquest.

Episode 62

62. Episode 62

Chunchu faces threats, and Baekje and Goguryeo pose challenges.

Episode 63

63. Episode 63

Court division deepens, and soldiers under Kim Yu-shin are targeted.

Episode 64

64. Episode 64

Kim Yu-shin is suspected, and plans to overthrow Beop-min are made.

Episode 65

65. Episode 65

Yu-sin and Beop-min face isolation, leading to conflict.

Episode 66

66. Episode 66

Chunchu issues an ultimatum, and his health worsens.

Episode 67

67. Episode 67

King Muyeol appoints Beom-min as regent, while Chunchu faces death.

Episode 68

68. Episode 68

Silla-Dang alliance fights Baekje, and Chunchu and Yushin unite.

Episode 69

69. Episode 69

Goguryeo faces internal struggles, and Silla and Tang attack.

Episode 70

70. Episode 70

Silla prepares to fight Tang, defying colonization.