In this techno world of the wide web, a mastermind is blackmailing youngsters into the business of sex and then silenced by a serial killer.

English [CC]
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1. Phishing

Inspector Virkar investigates the gruesome murder of a young teenager. The evidence leads to a crime of passion.

Click Bait

2. Click Bait

Virkar's investigation spawns more questions than answers. His search leads Virkar towards a compassionate counsellor and an ethical hacker.


3. Malware

Virkar begins to connect the dots between the macabre murders and pursues a thread that leads him to the next victim.


4. Proxy

Virkar’s investigation unravels a racket involving a man named Axeman. With Naina’s help, Virkar sets a trap, but the killer too has him in sight.

Access Denied

5. Access Denied

The revelations of the nightclub shooting muddle the case. Things go bad for Virkar as he grapples with personal and professional issues.

Side Jacking

6. Side Jacking

Virkar is forced to work outside the system while he hunts down the mysterious killer. Richard provides a breakthrough, putting him in the crosshairs.


7. Trojan

A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues between Virkar and the killer. When the game is over, nobody is who they seem.


8. Antivirus

As he unravels the final piece of the murderous puzzle, Virkar is forced to rely on his personal sense of justice.