As Ashley's partner of 12 years and father of their son, Miles is suddenly incarcerated, leaving her to navigate a chaotic and humorous existential crisis when she's forced to move in with Miles' mother and half-sister.

English [CC]
Year of production:
Country of origin:
United States
TV shows creator:
Seith Mann
The Ordeal

1. The Ordeal

When her husband, Miles, is incarcerated, Ashley moves in with Miles' mother and half-sister as she makes some decisions in the aftermath.

The Racquet

2. The Racquet

It's sentencing day for Miles and tensions are high as Ashley, Rainey and Trish wait for the judge's decision.

Rule of Three

3. Rule of Three

With his dad gone, Sean is beginning to spiral out. When a tough parenting moment is upon Ashley, Rainey and the Turner family try to introduce her to the "Rule of Three".


4. Secrets

Ashley and Rainey start bonding with some of Miles' old weed. Earl's parole officer pays him a visit and reveals a new parole requirement.

Drug Trip

5. Drug Trip

Ashley bails on a visit with Miles. Convinced it will help Ashley through the emotional trauma of her situation, Janelle convinces Ashley to join her on a trip to the beach.

The Secret Is Out

6. The Secret Is Out

Ashley's struggle with how to tell Sean about Miles' incarceration is at a fever pitch, so she enlists the Miles in her head to figure out how to tell him.

Sean Goes To Jail

7. Sean Goes To Jail

Sean has a bad day, so the family goes bowling to try and cheer him up.

Gettin' It

8. Gettin' It

Ashley brings the whole family to visitation to see Miles. Earl heads off to start his first day of work at the ports.