For Art and Travel enthusiasts with only 48 hours to explore a city, Art.See.Asia is the ultimate art lover's guide! This series captures Asian cities through the eyes of local Contemporary Artists as they bring our host on a unique journey of artistic discovery. Each episode is hosted by a local Artist who will discover new experiences as he/she engages in art challenges and takes a master class. Through breath-taking architecture, must-sees and quirky nooks and crannies, the series uncovers the "artsee" side of the city.

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Lee Mee Fung
Kuala Lumpur

1. Kuala Lumpur

Our host is on the journey to rediscover the artsy side of Kuala Lumpur, with some of the city's most exciting contemporary artists. They will show us how art is bringing people together in this culturally diverse city.


2. Singapore

Our host is on a journey to discover all the various complexities of Singapore's arts scene. Together with some of the city's most exciting artists, they see how art is bridging different worlds - old and new, traditional and contemporary, conservative and liberal.


3. Taipei

Our host, Allison Lin is on a journey to discover how Taipei contemporary artists are keeping traditions alive in the fast-changing landscape of a modern city. Over the course of 2 days, she meets with diverse artists and immerses into their world through in-depth conversations and hands-on experience.


4. Jakarta

Our host is on a journey to find out how and what Indonesia’s contemporary artists are doing to help the community improve its standard of living and to help people and the environment change for the better.


5. Bangkok

Our host is on a journey to rediscover Bangkok’s thriving art community by examining Thailand’s inequality problem. She gets to the heart of the issue by interviewing those who work closely on this complex issue. Not only does she unpack the problem and look for solutions, but she also explores a city saturated in creativity and life.